Save on your water bill

Las Vegas during the summer time is unreasonably hot. Because of the insane weather, the desert is in a drought, which is why it’s extremely important to be aware of watering restrictions. From May 1 until Aug. 31, you are allowed to water your plants every day of the week. However, this doesn’t mean you should drown them. Doing so could kill your plants, and will cause your water bill to go through the roof. Follow these tips for managing your Las Vegas landscape during the summer to keep your plants looking good and your water bill manageable.

Don’t water every day

Cutting out just one day of watering per week can reduce your bill as much as 15 percent. Your plants should not suffer if you only water them six days a week.

Only water when allowed

It is important for Las Vegas residents to know that it is prohibited to water from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., from May 1 until Oct. 1. High temperatures make the water evaporate, effectively canceling out watering efforts. Watering in the early-morning hours before sunrise will save you more money than watering late at night.

Be selective of your plants

Regardless of how much you water them, some plants will die in the Las Vegas sun. Before designing your landscape, do research of plants that are native to the Las Vegas climate. This will mean less watering and maintenance for you, and a great chance of survival for your plants. It’s also important to remember that warm season grasses require as much as one-third less water than Tall Fescue grass.

Observe your landscape

Pay attention to the areas of your landscape that receive more shade, as these areas may require less water than the others. If most of your yard is covered by shade during the day, you could dramatically decrease the amount of water it needs.

Water in short cycles

Water your plants in three short cycles instead of one long cycle, with each watering at least one hour apart. The Southern Nevada Water Authority recommends only four minutes for each watering.

Mow your lawn

Keeping your grass short will require less water use. For Bermuda grass, maintain your lawn at 1 ½” and for Tall Fescue grass, maintain your lawn at 2 ½”.

Take care of brown spots

If there are any brown spots on your lawn, water them yourself. Brown spots could be an indication that something is wrong with your irrigation system. Your sprinklers could be improperly spaced or have blocked spray patterns, so make sure each of the sprinkler heads are the same type and are working properly. Also, check that the sprinkler heads are perpendicular to the lawn, and not with sidewalks or walls. If your grass is too tall and blocking the spray, cut the grass.

If you need help maintaining your lawn in the summer, you should seek the help of a Las Vegas landscape company. The landscapers at Showcase Land Care will design landscapes that will flourish in the Vegas heat while maintaining aesthetic appeal. For more information about landscaping services, contact 702.531.6789.

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