Landscaping for small yards

If you have a small yard, you may feel discouraged about landscaping. You may not have the room for luscious trees or fancy waterfalls, but there is a wide variety of other ways you can design your landscape. With the right flowers, you can create a stunning landscape that can actually make your yard appear larger than it really is.

First, small visual touches can bring your yard to life. Decorate your walkway with a variety plants. Use bright and colorful plants to add more visuals.

Because there isn’t a lot of space, your landscape should have a focal point. It should naturally draw people’s eyes in. If you design your landscape without a focal point, it can be overwhelming for people. You need to choose your focal point wisely. In a small yard, you can easily have a focal point that sticks out and does not blend well with the rest of your landscape. This will give your yard the wrong look.

The focal point should be slightly different than the rest of your landscape. For example, your yard could be decorated with rose bushes and the focal point could be a small statue. For a small yard, it is best to have a focal point that isn’t too large. You want it to improve the look of your landscape, not ruin it.

Because you don’t have a lot of room to work with, you can build your landscape vertically instead of horizontally. Raised flower beds can improve your landscape. You can design raised flower beds in many unique shapes. It is very simple to build your own.

You can design a raised flower bed using either wood or stone for the wall. After choosing which one, you will form whatever shape you want your flower bed to be in. Many people simply do rectangles. You can be unique and form any type of shape. You can then paint the wall of the flower bed whatever color you see fit.

Incorporating different shapes and curves in your yard will make it appear larger. Movement is crucial for adding visual interest. You can design your landscape with subtle curves that will give it the illusion of movement. This can make your landscape look truly gorgeous.

For small yards, it is best to use different shades of blue and green. These colors will make your yard look and feel larger. In your flower bed, use blue flowers and paint the walls a complementing shade of blue.

Trellises are another way to improve the aesthetics of your landscape. Chinese wisteria or morning glory flowers can be grown on a trellis. Both would add beauty to your yard.

You may need professional help when designing a landscape for your small yard. Showcase Landcare has been in Las Vegas for more than 10 years. The Las Vegas landscapers have designed yards for nearly 300 properties. For more information about landscaping services, contact 702.531.6789.

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