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Showcase Landcare Services is Las Vegas’ premier residential landscaping company. In the last decade, we have installed over 5,000 front and rear yard landscapes.

These installs include rockery retaining walls, stackable block retaining walls, pavers, flagstone surfaces, artificial turf, natural sod, yard grading, drainage systems, tree and shrub planting, sod and drip irrigation systems, low voltage landscaping lighting, wrought iron features, fish ponds and waterfalls everything possible in Las Vegas backyard landscaping.

All residential installs include an industry leading 6-month warranty on all new plant material. To read our complete warranty, please click here.


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Showcase Landcare Services is a Las Vegas owned and operated full-service landscaping company. We've been delighting customers for over 10 years with our creative designs, superior-quality workmanship, unparalleled customer service, and our affordable and competitive prices.

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