Increase the Value of Your Home

Professional landscaping not only beautifies your home, it can also make it worth more. In fact, a study released by Virginia Tech revealed that landscaping can increase a home’s value by 10 to 12 percent, and that a $150,000 home that didn’t previously have landscaping could sell for between $8,300 and $19,000 more after the addition of high-quality landscaping. So, maintaining the land surrounding your home not only makes living in it more enjoyable, it also means you could get more money if you eventually decide to sell the property. If you want to maximize your land so that it enhances the value of your home, consider the following tips.


Opt for a Sophisticated Design

Any landscaping or lawn upkeep will boost curb appeal and your home’s value, but the more sophisticated the design the better the results. For maximum impact, include a wide variety of plants and trees in your landscaping. Mix it up by including both large trees and small plants, and create interest by using several different colors. This will increase the perceived value of your home and make it easier for you to sell it at a higher price.


Set Your Home Apart

Landscaping not only optimizes your home’s inherent visual appeal, it can also distinguish it from the other homes in the neighborhood. This is especially valuable for homes located in housing editions and subdivisions, where many of the homes have a similar appearance. You can instantly make your home stand out by keeping the land well-maintained. You can also create any kind of look you want. For example, perhaps you want an English- or Japanese-style garden. This gives your home exotic flair that can entice home buyers to take a look.


Keep Your Lawn Maintained

If any aspect of a home appears to be in disrepair, this can dramatically lower its value. This includes the land surrounding the property. However, by ensuring that the lawn is well-maintained, you make the home seem of much higher value. Potential buyers will be much more likely to seriously consider a home where the lawn is well-manicured and has obviously been cared for. Hiring professional lawn care experts to maintain the land can give it a high-quality appearance that will attract homebuyers and make them willing to pay more.


Showcase Land Care Service offers high-quality landscaping in Las Vegas. Whether you want to enhance your home’s visual appeal so you can sell it at a higher price, or you simply want a beautifully manicured lawn you can enjoy, we can create just the right look for you. Call us today to learn more about what we offer and how we can help you maintain your home’s land.

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