SNWA Offers Landscaping Rebates and Coupons

The official website for the Southern Nevada Water Authority offers the best landscaping resources in Las Vegas. The SNWA takes the lead on conservation and other water issues, and they even oversee the water supply within Las Vegas. Their website offers a variety of Las Vegas landscaping rebates and swimming pool coupons that can help you save money, and help conserve water.

Discounts & Rebates

Among the various rebates and coupons are pool covers, smart irrigation clocks, cash washes and rain sensors. They even offer an additional turf removal rebate stipend to homeowners and businesses. The SNWA will pay $1.50 per square foot of turf that is removed, and is offering these money saving coupons and rebates in an attempt to conserve more water in Las Vegas.

Up to 15,000 gallons of water can be saved each year by using a pool cover. Not only do pool covers reduce evaporation, but they also limit debris and conserve energy. Currently, you can get either $50, or 50 percent off the purchase of a pool cover. If you invest in a permanent, mechanical pool cover, you can save either $200, or 50 percent off. In order to qualify for these coupons, you must be a residential customer of SNWA agencies, and you can only redeem one coupon every 36 months.

Smart irrigation controllers will save money on your water bill by adjusting the watering schedule, according to the weather. You can either print out the coupon to receive an instant rebate, or choose to receive it by mail. A licensed landscape professional should install your smart controller, which will ensure that it is installed properly.

Rain sensors will automatically shut down your water system when it rains. The coupon being offered by the SNWA is worth up to $25, or 50 percent off the purchase. Even though it doesn’t rain often in the Vegas valley, the few days it does will offer relief on your water bill. You can save about 500 gallons of water in just one day.

Car Wash Helps Save Cash

Getting your car cleaned by a professional car wash can save a lot of water. The car washes chosen by the Southern Nevada Water Authority either recycle the water onsite, or send it to a water facility where it gets treated, and then sent to Lake Mead. Most of the coupons offer $2 off a full car wash.

The Southern Nevada Water Authority was formed in 1991, and because Southern Nevada is a desert, it can be hard to conserve water. Officials are in charge of managing the water resources in Las Vegas, and providing residents with all of their water needs.

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