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Showcase Landcare Services has been installing hard surfaces such as concrete, pavers, and flagstone surfaces for over 5 years. Very few elements of a landscape improve the overall look of a property more than a well designed, properly installed hard surface. It is often the most used element of a landscape. When done properly, a hard surface becomes an inviting outdoor retreat where you and your guests can socialize and enjoy the view of your beautiful landscape.

Showcase Landcare Services uses only the highest quality materials and employs only the most qualified Las Vegas landscape contractors for all of its hard surface projects. All of our concrete installations are poured using only 6 sack, 4500 psi concrete mix, which is much stronger than the commonly used 2500 psi mix. All of our paver installations include soldier course edges, mitered corners, and a cement sub-base at all non-supported edges to hinder subsidence and raveling as the hard surface ages. All of this attention to detail will ensure that you will enjoy your investment for years to come.

Don’t allow other Las Vegas Landscape contractors to cut corners on your hard surface project. More than on anything else we do, our experience and dedication to quality count for everything when it comes to hard surfaces. Call us today and you’ll be grateful you did for years to come!

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