Your Desert Gardening Calender, pt. 3

Last week, we held an in depth discussion of proper lawn maintenance from January through August. In the final part of your desert gardening calendar guide, we are going to teach you the best  lawn care from September through December.


Though it doesn’t quite feel like the weather is cooling down, this is the time to reset the watering clock. You can check with the SNWA Drought Watering Restrictions Guide to learn what the new schedule should be. This is also the time of year when your irrigation system should be inspected by your trusted Las Vegas landscaping services.

During the summer, your yard can become full of Bermuda grass. This is your last chance to kill off any unwanted grass before the dormancy period sets in. Talk with the expert landscapers to learn which products are most effective in this task.

Before fruit trees enter their dormancy state, they will need their final feeding. Use a low nitrogen and high phosphorus fertilizer to stimulate the growth for the next spring season. Shrubs and trees should only receive organic fertilizers to recover from the stress of the summer heat.


With the temperature drop, your yard is at risk of pests such as aphids and caterpillars. There are plenty of insecticides that will provide control of these two pests.

Now is also the perfect time of year to start planting for the next spring season. Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, narcissus and crocus are some of the best choices. Space out the plantings about two weeks apart for continuous flowering during the spring season.

This is also the ideal time to plant more grass seeds. You are going to want to over seed the lawn for the best results for the next spring season. You should also remove any thatch that currently resides on your landscape. This will prevent the new grass from receiving the water it needs to survive.


This is the final time you’ll have to reset the watering clock for the calendar year. Because the weather in the morning is quite chilly, it is recommended that you do not water before 9 a.m. Any time earlier than this puts the grass at risk of freezing over.

Even though we live in a desert, frost can appear as early as November 10. Be sure to move any houseplants indoors or prepare them with thermal blankets.

Lawn weeds will start sprouting up again during this time. Use the same pre-emergent weed control spray from a few months earlier to stop them from spreading.


The temperature can drop pretty substantially during the night. You need to be especially prepared for frost during this time.

Over watering needs to be avoided at all costs during this cold month because it will damage the yard. It’s best just have one deep soaking every two weeks to prevent frost. If you have cacti in your yard, do not water it at all during the winter season.

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