Properly Using a Leaf Blower

Ah, the invention of the leaf blower was a truly an amazing one. This gardening tool makes maintaining your Las Vegas landscaping in the fall so much simpler. Of course, there are a few things you should take note of to ensure you are using it properly.

First and foremost, don’t start using a leaf blower with the assumption that you’ll never rake again. The leaf blower can certainly speed up the process, but it won’t complete the entire task of clearing away the leaves. It’s always good to keep a rake nearby.

Before we get into the process of using a leaf blower, let’s first go over the uses of the rake. The leaf blower’s main and only job is to clear the leaves from your lawn. The rake, however, can be used for multiple other purposes.

One of the most important uses of the rake is lawn aeration. This is the process of perforating the soil with small holes. This helps the roots take in more water and nutrients to prosper. Failure to aerate the soil causes soil compaction which causes thatch to form on your lawn.

As far as the leaf blower is concerned, there are two modes that can be used on this gardening tool. The first is blower and the second is vacuum.

Blower mode

This is used to essentially sweep away unwanted leaves from your lawn and patio. You would use a leaf blower as opposed to a broom or rake to get the job done quickly. If your Las Vegas landscaping is particularly large, you probably have a great deal of leaves along your lawn during the fall. It only makes sense then to use a leaf blower as raking would take an extraordinarily long time.

The easiest way to eliminate the majority of leaves on your lawn is to lay out tarps on blow the pile onto the tarp. From there, you simply fold up the tarp and dispose of the leaves. To finish the entire yard in a timely manner it’s easiest to start from the corners and move inward.

Vacuum Mode

Naturally, vacuum mode does the opposite of blower mode. Rather than blowing the leaves away, instead it sucks them up. If you have a large yard and are dealing with a large amount of leaves, vacuum mode isn’t going to be beneficial. The bags can only hold so many leaves at one time. You’ll only be increasing the time your work in the yard by using the vacuum mode.

This mode can be of great use for leaves stuck in the nooks and crannies of your Las Vegas landscaping. Leaves stuck at the base of a fence, in rocks or on decks can easily be removed with the vacuum mode.

If having to maintain your yard this fall season seems like too much work for you, consider hiring a trusted landscaping service in Las Vegas. The pros at Showcase Land Care offer specials to first-time customers so you can have a supreme looking yard at an affordable rate. For more information about the Las Vegas landscaping experts, contact 702.531.6789.

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