Your Desert Gardening Calendar pt.2

Earlier this week, you learned how to properly care for your Las Vegas landscaping from the months of January to April. In part two of your desert calendar guide, we are going to teach you everything you need to know about gardening and landscaping during the months of May through August.


Now that the weather is starting to significantly heat up, you are going to have to reset your watering clock yet again. The best times to water your garden is between 3 and 6 in the morning. Be sure to check the SNWA Watering Guide to learn what is allowed.

This is the time of year where insect infestation is at its worst. You’ll want to act aggressively with insecticides or their organic equivalents. Be sure to cover the bases of your trees in the chemicals to keep bugs away.

If you have any desert loving plants in your yard such as cacti or certain flowers, now is the time to prune them. Be careful that you don’t trim them too much as they can get sunburnt when exposed to the sun.

Be sure you are using the right fertilizers in your lawn as well. Talk with the Las Vegas landscaping experts to learn which one is right for your lawn.

June, July & August

Because the temperature consistently remains in the triple digits throughout these three months, your landscaping and gardening care will remain similar. First, you’ll want to reapply weed control on any new plants that were added earlier in the year. The first application of weed control is now ineffective. Weeds grow most rapidly during the warmer season so take preventative measures right away.

Many people assume that because the weather is so dry and temperatures are so high that plants need extra watering during this time of year. This isn’t necessarily the case. Often times, people think a plant looks dry. This doesn’t mean it needs more water. In fact, too much water can drown the plant. The best watering strategy is deep, infrequent waterings.

During this time of the year, your yard is susceptible to roaches, ants, black widows, earwigs and roly-polies. Use a pyrethrin based insecticide for your best chance at keeping these pests at bay. Be sure to read the instructions in their entirety before applying the insecticide. Spider mites are also going to come out and play during the summer season. For these, you can keep them away by simply using a high pressure hose to wash them away.

If you are in need of professional landscaping services to provide quality care to your yard, consider Showcase Land Care. These expert landscapers can handle any type of yard in every weather condition. Check back next week for the final part in this three-part guide for desert landscaping. For more information about the landscaping Las Vegas company, contact 702.531.6789.

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