Your Desert Gardening Calendar pt.1

In this three part blog, your trusted Las Vegas landscaping experts are going to teach you how to effectively take care of your lawn and garden during each month of the year. In part one, we will discuss the first few months of the year.


This is at the height of the cold season. Even though it doesn’t snow in Las Vegas, the ground can still get frosty. Be sure to avoid walking on your lawn because this can greatly damage it. Because the ground will be laden with frost, it’s likely you won’t have the ability or the need to mow it.

Now is also the time to start pruning deciduous trees. These types of trees in fully in their dormant state at this time so pruning won’t do them any harm. When pruning, the tops should be thinned out but no branches should be removed. This is also the best time to prune rose bushes. Keep in mind roses don’t stay in their dormant state for as long as trees do so you only have a small window of time to prune them.


The weather is still fairly cold in this month. As spring approaches, strong winds also gust through the Las Vegas valley. Any new plants are at risk of getting damaged by the strong, chilly winds. Be sure that any new plants are staked in securely to withstand the weather. Keep them well watered.

It’s important to remember when planting new fruits and flowers for the approaching spring season to finish it all by Valentine’s Day. Any later and the plants will likely not survive.

Now that the weather is starting to warm up some, any plants that were frozen over during the winter will begin defrosting. Do not, under any circumstances, prune these plants. This can further damage them and cause them to die.


During the spring season, you will start watering your plants more often. Be sure to abide by the Southern Nevada Watering Authority Drought Watering Restrictions Guide and reset sprinklers accordingly.

Your plants at this time will begin awaking to flourish soon. You’ll want to be sure they are fertilized well using a 15-15-15 type fertilizer for best results. Flowering plants need low level of nitrogen in order to bloom properly. If you are having trouble bringing your plants back to life after the winter season, contact the Las Vegas landscaping experts to help.


Now is the time to begin planting for summer. Some good choices are the gazana, ice plant, or verbena. Be sure to use a pre-emergent weed control solution immediately after planting.

Your lawn will need extra care this month to prepare for the approaching triple digit weather. Your trusted Las Vegas landscaping services can inform you of the proper fertilizers to use. April is the best month for the reseeding and aerating of your lawn. However, this should only be done once every two years.

Check out our blog later this week to find out the best gardening and landscaping tips for months May through August. In the mean time, if you are in need of landscaping services, consider Showcase Land Care. They offer specials for new customers. Contact the pros in landscaping Las Vegas homeowners trust most at 702.531.6789.

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