Tips for Reseeding Your Lawn

Whether you have a small bare patch or an entire lawn to reseed, it’s best to do it in the early fall or late summer, when cooler temperatures will give the grass a good start. This article will give you tips on how best to reseed your lawn.  Before you know it, you will find beautiful grass growing in a patch you were missing.

Get rid of any debris or dead grass

Loosening the soil in the bare patch to a depth of 1 inch will allow grass to more fully grow. If the grass was killed by dog urine or a chemical spill, cover the area completely with water several times to dilute the harmful chemicals from the surface.

Level your compost

Spread 2 to 3 inches of compost over the area, then smooth it flat with the back of a rake so the compost is completely level with the surrounding soil. If you’re unsure about where to get compost, try your neighborhood home and garden store. If you would like make your own compost, check out our tips.

Mix the seed with damp sand a day before you sow it

The added moisture will jump-start the process of germination. Scatter the seeds evenly into the sand. Doing this will ensure they stay in place on the ground, even on a windy day.

Cover it but don’t wash it away

It is important to cover the seeds with a very thin layer of compost, then water the area gently, being very careful not to wash the seeds away. If you do, your grass will not grow – or might grow in a strange place! Too much water will make it difficult for your seeds to stay in one place.

Keep the area moist

Use a fine spray of water two to three times a day until the seeds germinate, then water regularly along with the rest of your lawn. It is important to not water too much, or you will definitely wash away the seeds. Be careful to keep it to a minimum. However, if you don’t water it enough, your seeds won’t grow. Keeping it at a happy medium will ensure your grass will grow to the best of its abilities.

Reseeding your lawn is not difficult. If you are careful and follow these steps, you will find your grass will grow much quicker than you’d imagine! You’ll find yourself with a beautiful patch that fills in an ugly spot that was previously there. Keeping yourself apprised of the proper tips will ensure that you have the most beautiful lawn possible.

If you have questions about proper tips, contact our landscapers in Las Vegas. We will be able to give you the tips needed to properly take care of your lawn and have it looking beautiful in no time. If you are concerned about the process and doing it yourself, we will do it for you! Contact our professionals today.

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