Landscaping on a Budget

If you want to revamp your landscape but don’t have a lot of money, we have the right post here for you! We have a lot of information on how best to create the best landscape for your home, on a lower budget. Take a look at our tips for more information.


The DIY craze is taking the nation by storm – and it doesn’t just involve indoor crafts. It involves outdoor ones, too! Whether you choose to dig and lay a mulch path, mow the lawn and fertilize it, or create your own garden, you will save hundreds if you do gardening yourself.


When you design your landscape, it’s important to break down the execution over several years. You will be able to spread out the costs and do much more of the work yourself. Once you have it all finished, you will still continue to spend years refining it.

Buy in bulk

Gravel and topsoil purchased in small bags cost far more than having a Las Vegas landscaping company bring you a truckload themselves. Putting soil is also less expensive when you buy the largest available size. Team up with a friend and buy mail-order plants and bulbs in large quantities.

Buy at off-peak prices

If you buy in late summer or early fall, you will find garden supplies in clearance sales. In the early spring, garden centers may also mark off last year’s merchandise to clear the shelves.

Go bargain hunting

Discount-store bedding plants are typically fine when they come in. Do not buy if they are wilted or possibly diseased.

Garage-sale garden supplies

These can be bargains as long as you buy merchandise that is of quality. Look for deals, but make sure the product will adequately serve your needs.

Propagate your plants

You can plant an entire hedge for free by trimming your neighbor’s shrubs and rooting the cuttings. You can also plant a perennial or annual bed for under $20 if you start the plants from seed. It takes practice to learn how to do this, but you’ll save money and have fun, too!

Be environmentally correct

One of the greatest things about earth-friendly gardening is that is usually costs much less. Non-chemical techniques actually cost less than buying garden chemicals. Composting your yard waste is free, and bagging waste may require stuffing large bags – and paying a fee to have them hauled away. You can also go to community sources for free fertilizer and mulch. Check with stables for manure and ask your town government about where it dumps leaves.

All of these tips and more will help you have a great yard without the high cost. Following these simple steps will create the greatest possible result for your money. If you have questions, contact our company today. We have high quality professionals who can help you with all your landscaping needs, and at affordable prices, too!

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