The Realities of your Dream White Picket Fence

So you’ve decided to go with the American Dream of the perfect white picket fence. This is in all the movies – the beautiful house, the dad cooking on the grill, mom pouring the lemonade, and son playing with the dog; all surrounded by their white picket fence. Before realizing your dream, follow these steps:

Know the regulations

The first, and most important, step when you build any type of fence is contact your local city or town hall. Some locations may have regulations on what types of fencing, as well as heights and materials, are allowed.

Each community has their own regulations, and its important to follow whichever ones are in place in your specific community. If you don’t know know your regulations, and do not follow them, it could end up costing you a lot of money to put your fence up to the required code. If you put up fencing that isn’t allowed, all your hard work and money will be for naught.

Measure your yard

Measuring your yard, if done by landscape companies in Las Vegas, will help you know the footage needed for your fence. In most places, it is pretty typical to have fence posts 6 to 8 feet apart. The average price per fence post is about $15-$30, not including installation.

This price should also include posts, caps, rails, and pickets. So this should give you a base price, but make sure to factor in what it will cost for installation. It might be wise to look around for the best deals in order to find the best person to give you your dream fence and yard.

Know your budget

As already ¬†mentioned, it is wise to figure out your base price before you start shopping around, so you know what to expect. A lot of fence installers will have lower prices spring. But if you save up your you money, you will be glad you didn’t have to go into debt for something as simple as a fence. Your yard can last without it for a little while.

Along with knowing your budget, it is also important that, outside of the money it will cost for the fence and installation, it is wise to have some extra set aside, just in case there are emergency situations in which extra money is needed. If your fence installers are digging for a post and run into a big boulder, they are likely going to charge you to remove it. You may scoff at this, but they have a right to do this – it will take more time, more labor, and will likely require special equipment. A good fence installer should have this equipment on hand.

There are a lot of things to consider when you want to put up a fence in your yard, but whether it’s a white picket fence, or some other type, you will enjoy having that extra touch to make your yard more private, or make it your own.

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