Privacy for Your Yard: With Trees

Privacy in the backyard is a very important thing to many people, and rightfully so. If you want your backyard to be a place where you can relax without the prying eyes of nosy neighbors, a fence might not be enough for your vision with your yard. A great way to ensure privacy in your yard is to plant trees that provide that privacy for you. Not only will they provide some much-needed shade from the sun in the heat of the summer, but they will ensure that your yard feels like that place you can escape to, where you and your family can be by yourselves and enjoy the great outdoors.

Trees can serve as natural barriers from neighbors, as well as sounds of the people around you. Below are some trees that might be good to solve this problem for you and your yard.

Leyland Cypress 

This is a popular tree used for barriers because they grow more quickly than other trees might. They actually grow three to four feet in just a year, and grow into a beautiful, majestic, pyramid shape that is great for blocking out views and sounds. It is also very low maintenance and doesn’t require much pruning which is an added bonus for you as the caretaker. As well, it can adapt to many different types of soils and climates, which makes it more desirable and workable in many different climates! These trees grow well in the sun or shade, and handle drought conditions very well. It is also thick enough to serve as a wind barrier. If this doesn’t sound like the perfect tree for your yard, we don’t know what will!

Dynamite Crape Myrtle

This tree is fairly new to landscaping. It is a great option if you want to add color to your landscape. Some trees just bloom in the spring, but these ones flower all year long, giving you the most beautiful, majestic scarlet red colors you have ever seen. This tree is usually used in high-end homes or commercial developments, but is now available to the general public. This tree will add class to any yard. It is about 20-30 feet tall with a 15-foot spread. It can grow in full to partial sun, and is very adaptable to different soil and weather conditions.

Both of these trees can be utilized in your yard to create that space that is all your own. If you desire to step into your backyard and forget that you even have neighbors, this is the option for you. Not only will having a fence help, but having trees throughout your yard will give it that extra appeal to make it a place you want to spend a lot of time in. You should be able to enjoy this at any time, and make your yard an oasis for you and your family. Contact a landscaper in Las Vegas to help you with all your tree needs.

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