Spice Up Your Rockscape!

As you drive through Las Vegas neighborhoods, you tend to see the same desert landscaping over and over again. Want to liven up your rockscape and set it apart a little? Here are some ideas to get you started:


-Use a variety of rock! Rocks should not be viewed as a simple substitute for grass—if you just take the grass out and put one type of rock in, you are going to end up with a boring, typical rockscape. Use different colors and types of rock to create some appealing lines and designs in your yard. Highlight a plant by creating a rock circle around it, drawing attention to it.


-Get creative! Have you ever seen the yards that look like they have a river or stream running through them, using boulders, river rock and other rock? You can get some added dimension to your yard with a little creativity. Think outside the box!


-Add a rock retaining wall. This works well in a large front yard, or in a backyard. Choose an area that is already a little built up, or that you would like to build up and go crazy!


Call Showcase Land Care—your Las Vegas landscaping specialists—for help sprucing up your rockscape!

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