Finish Your Patio with a BBQ

Your sweat, blood and tears (or ours, if you let your Las Vegas landscaping help) has just gone into creating your dream yard. The foliage is perfect and complements both your home and your personality well; the rockscape is well done with at least a couple of varieties of rock, to add depth; and the weeds are under control! Yay!


You laid a new patio (or spiffed up an existing one) and added some accent pieces and some nice patio furniture. You are ready to enjoy some meals outside. There is just one thing you need in order to really complete the project—a barbeque!


Here a brief overview of the four most common barbeques. The top are best for your new outdoor setup. The other two are useful to have around.


GAS GRILLS. Best for the grillmaster who wants to fire up the grill and go, forgetting the foreplay. The preparation and cleanup is the biggest pro here. But you lose the smoke flavor you can get from charcoal.


CHARCOAL GRILLS. Best for the purist looking for that smoky, grilled flavor. Charcoal burns at a higher temperature than gas, allowing the grillmaster to easily sear the meat. There is almost a romantic mood created when grilling with charcoal. It is all romance until cleanup. The beginning and the end of charcoal grilling is where you start to see the downside: the time involved in the prep and the clean up.


ELECTRIC GRILLS. Hello George Foreman. This type of grill is perfect for city swellers who are limited in their ability to get a gril. The electric grill, while producing a similar looking result, lacks the flavor a charcoal or gas grill can offer.


PORTABLE GRILLS. These are great choices when you want to rough it, but maybe not completely. Pack up a grill in case the plan to teach the kids how to cook on the fire falls apart. Or pack it up for that afternoon playing in the park.


Getting excited? We are, and it’s not even our barbeque. Let us know how we can help serve you, and stay tuned for our next post, introducing you to different types styles of barbeque. You will have the tools—it’s time to get a little messy and get some grub up there on that grill.

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