Savings With Landscaping

Are you tired of getting a huge water bill every month because you want to keep your grass green? Showcase Land Care has a great solution to lower your water bill. They have professionals ready to change your Las Vegas landscaping whenever you are ready.


Showcase Land Care is one of Southern Nevada Water Authorities approved Water Smart Contractors. When you convert your landscaping into a desert landscaping, you won’t only save money but you will also be conserving water and we all know that conserving water in Las Vegas is something that almost everyone can do a little bit more of.


In the below graph, from Circle of Blue,, you can see just how important it is for us to conserve water. We are a desert, and it gets very hot. Right now we are in a drought so we need to do what we can to save as much water as possible.



If you already have sod in your landscaping, Showcase Land Care has professionals that can remove the sod and transform your landscape into beautiful desert scenery.


If you only have a dirt yard, let them transform your dirt into a desert dreamscape by placing a mixture of beautiful rocks, boulders, and plants and have your neighbor’s awing over your yard.


So what can be better than savings money, saving water, and having a beautiful landscape? I can’t think of anything right now. So you should give call Showcase Land Care and have them help transform your Las Vegas landscaping into the water and money saving beautiful yard you wanted.

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