Landscapes For You

Do you need to add a new dimension to your homes landscaping? Adding bricks, concrete, or flagstone can give you that new dimension you were looking for.


Showcase Land Care can help you add curb appeal by adding a new flare of hard surfaces to your front yard. They can also create a patio in your back yard so you can enjoy a family get together on one of the beautiful spring evenings that we can enjoy while in Las Vegas.


Showcase Land Care uses some of the best materials to make your patio to last for many years to come. Most landscaping companies use the 2500 psi concrete but Showcase Land Care uses the much stronger 4500 psi concrete mix and this will help your Las Vegas Landscaping withstand the wear and tear over many years to come.


All paver installations will have a cement sub base at all non-supported edges so slow down any sinking of the pavers so they will be able to last for many years.


Are you tired of walking up a muddy path to your front door? A great solution to that is installing a flagstone path. Your Las Vegas landscaping can be improved by having a little bit of hard surfaces installed in your front and back yard to help create your new family hangout. Contact Showcase Land Care today so that you can get the yard you have always wanted.

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