Fall Is Prime Time for Planting Trees

You want your Las Vegas landscaping to look its best, right? Well, then perhaps you’ve considered adding a tree or two in your yard. Not only will it enhance the appearance but it will provide shade for you during the rough summer months. So, when is the ideal time to plant a tree? Short answer: Autumn.

Especially in Las Vegas, summer is completely out of the question. The sun is too hot and will dry out the new plant, which ultimately kills it. Because summer tends to drag into early fall in this city, you’ll want to plant it late in the fall season. Right before big winter coats are necessary is the best time.

Because it’s that ideal time of year, you’ll probably look into sprucing up your yard now. There are a few vital things to know to ensure your planting is successful. Your trees will be more likely to prosper if you plant them when they are dormant. Conveniently most trees begin their dormancy period come fall season. Now what exactly does this mean? This is a temporary diminution of the plant’s growth. It will start up again when spring approaches. Because the plant is not in the immediate process of growing, you won’t be disturbing it when transplanting to your Las Vegas landscaping.

There are two main types of trees that work best when planted in autumn: deciduous and evergreen. You can tell that a deciduous tree is entering dormancy when the leaves become orange and fall to the ground. Some common deciduous trees you will find in Las Vegas are Ash, Birch, Cottonwood, Palm, Sycamore and Willow trees.

Evergreen trees, on the other hand, aren’t as obvious as their counterparts. In fact, the term evergreen directly means that the foliage will remain its same color no matter the season. Just because they won’t blatantly appear dormant comes fall doesn’t mean you can’t plant them. Common evergreens found in the Las Vegas desert are the acacia, pine, pepper and olive trees.

Once you have transplanted either your deciduous or evergreen trees into your Las Vegas landscaping, you can’t forget to water them. We know that the weather won’t seem as dry because the air feels cooler, but failure to water them when they are first making home in your yard with cause them to die quickly. You should give your new trees a deep watering in late fall to ensure the roots will have plenty of fluids. This will also allow the trees to receive the necessary nutrients prior to the winter freeze. You should keep up with watering the trees on warmer days in the winter to promote good health come spring season.

If you don’t have a green thumb but want to beautify your yard, contact the experts in landscaping Las Vegas homeowners rely on. Showcase Land Care can provide excellent services in matters of both your front and back yard. Not only will they plant new trees but they can also maintain them. Contact them today to learn about specials for new customers. For more information about Las Vegas landscaping, call 702.531.6789.

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