Know Your Cacti

We’ve talked time and time again about the different variety of plants suitable for Las Vegas landscaping. Perhaps attempting to grow a garden just seems to difficult. No worries, you can still have a green landscape, it just might be a little prickly. Cacti is a great way to spruce up the appearance of your yard without having to put in extra effort to maintain it. What many people don’t realize is that there is plenty of cacti species that actually grow vibrant flowers so you can still enjoy the appearance of a typical garden. Our trusted Las Vegas landscaping experts put together a list of the best looking and easiest to maintain cacti.

Super White Zebra Haworthia

Alright ladies, you’re sure to love this plant. We see you all walking around with your zebra print purses, phone cases and hair accessories. So, why not have a groovy landscape with a similar style. Yes, this plant has stripes resembling zebra print. You can express your personality and creativity by lining your landscape with this cactus.

Devil’s Tongue Barrel Cactus

This is cactus has very sharp prickles but it will look amazing in your yard. This is one of the types of cacti the grows gorgeous flowers. The flowers are a deep shade of purple and the cactus is lined with a rich red spine. This can add a spruce of color to your yard.

Argentine Toothpick Cactus

If you have a large front yard, this cactus will look great as the centerpiece. It’s similar to the giant saguaro, but it grows faster. The spines are about four inches long which is how the cactus was named. During the late spring and summer, white flowers will sprout along it. This can truly be a breathtaking addition to any Las Vegas landscaping project, so long as it’s handled with safety gloves.

Jaws Hardy Agave

This is a simple cactus, but it will still add to your yard’s beauty. The edges of the plant resemble shark’s teeth. The cactus is a deep shade of green that can provide excellent contrast to any blue tones you may have in your yard. Though it isn’t an extraordinary plant, it can complement other more eccentric cacti.

Variegated Spanish Dagger

This type of cactus somewhat resembles the appearance of a bush, only the maintenance is much more simpler. The green leaves are striped with various shades of yellow and gold. It can also make as a great complement to other more colorful cacti.

If you decide to change your Las Vegas landscaping to a desert theme including these unique cacti, contact the pros at Showcase Land Care. They can turn your front yard into a masterpiece and they even offer affordable rates. For more information about cacti maintenance, contact the experts in landscaping Las Vegas homeowners rely on at 702.531.6789.

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