Landscaping Tools to Own

When maintaining your yard, it is wise to always be in possession of the proper tools that will allow you to landscape and garden with the greatest ease. The following article will give you some valuable tools to have in your yard, why you should have them, and what you can do with them. Having the proper tools will ease a lot of stress and time, too!

Small Tiller

This is good for breaking up the ground for proper water penetration, weed control, and aeration. It is very important that the ground be penetrable for watering, oxygen, and fertilization. This is also a good idea if you are planting annuals, so you can prepare the soil in the spring planting season. Breaking up the soil will make way for these nutrients to come in.

Small Trowel

This tool is used to dig up holes to plant your annuals, or to dig up weeds in those areas that may be hard to reach with bigger tools. If you have a need to transplant some of your plants from one place to another, this tool is invaluable for that purpose.  Use this tool to carefully dig up plants with as little root damage as possible.

Pruning Tool

If you have shrubs and bushes in your yard, this tool is essential. You will need to periodically trim dead stems and branches from shrubs and bushes to keep them looking nice all year round. Some plants may also have a very woody inner core, so having a proper pruning tool will lessen the amount of damage done to plants when pruned.

Weeding Tool

This type of tool can save you a lot of time in the weeding department. There are a lot of different types of weeding tools available, from motorized tillers to hand held tine rakes, but you will need to select the type that is needed most in your garden.


This is also often called a garden shovel. It is most commonly used for digging up larger areas of ground, and are used to water those areas that may be harder to reach. It can also be used to compact soil on the edges of your garden to create that well-manicured, finished look.


The final tool you should purchase for your garden is a sprayer. These sprayers come in all sizes and shapes, and are used to water those areas of your garden that may be hard to reach. They are also used to spray insecticides and plant fertilizers on your landscape. Depending on the area you are working with, you may want a larger or smaller one. If you get a sprayer that is too large, you may not be able to get into delicate areas.

All of these tools are great basic ones to have in your garden. If you have each of these, you will find that your garden looks beautiful and you have all the necessities to take care of it. Be sure to talk to a Landscaper in Las Vegas for more information.

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