Organic Gardening Tips

Using organic gardening techniques in your yard is a valuable tool to create a beautiful garden, with tasteful products, and ones that will give you quality and have the least amount of impact on the environment. Why should you use this type of gardening? This article will explain why it is a good idea.

What is organic gardening?

Simply put, organic gardening is the concept of using only natural materials from animals and plants for the purpose of fertilizing your garden. These manures and composts do not contain any harmful chemicals or pesticides. Organic materials tend to lead to healthier roots on the plants in your garden. These products discourage insects, rabbits, mice, and squirrels from eating your garden plants, but it does not harm or kill them.

Below are some tips for using organic techniques in your garden.

Weed regularly

Keep your garden free from pests by removing weeds regularly. Thistles will provide insects with food as well as giving them a breeding ground. Weeds may also take nutrients from the soil that your plants need to flourish.

Don’t use too much fertilizer

While too much fertilizer is not damaging, using too much may cause excessive growth in your plants. When there is excessive growth, typically the roots and stem cannot support it. This can lead to splits in the stem. Once the stem splits, water can’t get to the roots, and the plant will die. So, this proves that it is, in fact, damaging.

Use less water than you think

Organic plants actually need less water than non-organic ones. This is because the fertilizers retain water better, due to the natural materials and nutrients that exist within them. It is important to water your organic garden properly, or your plants will not flourish. Too much water may result in the plants not being able to hold oxygen needed to survive. If there is too little water, the plants will likely wilt and die. If you are concerned about large amounts of rain in your organic water, place a significant amount of mulch at the base of each plant, and this will soak up some of the excess water that can harm your plants. If you carefully dig around the stem and pour water in there instead, this will allow the roots of your plant to soak up the water properly.

This technique of organic gardening will allow you to properly grow beautiful, nutrient-rich plants that will flourish year after year. You will also have the satisfaction of knowing you have not used harmful fertilizers in your plants that create problems for possible things you are eating! If harmful chemicals are absorbed by the roots of plants you wish to eat, it is likely those chemicals will come into your body, too. If you have questions about organic gardening, how to do it, or what plants are best options organically, talk to a landscaper in Las Vegas.

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