Grass? In Las Vegas?

In Las Vegas, there aren’t many grassy yards. We are very much a region that favors desert landscaping. But there is something appealing about that lush green. But if you want it here in Las Vegas, the most effective way of achieving that look is through synthetic turf (artificial grass). There are two primary types of turf used in residential areas: landscape turf and pet grass. Landscape turf is designed to look as much as real grass as possible. Pet grass is designed for homes with pets, and has two primary characteristics: antimicrobial agents to minimize odors and excellent drainage.

So, what are the pros and cons of synthetic turf? This evaluation is where you determine whether it is right for you.


-It saves on water. You do not have to water something that is not alive.

-It is easy to maintain. A leaf blower and a hose, and you are pretty much set.

-It can be environmentally friendly.


-It heats up in direct sun. Different types of synthetic turf heat up differently, and this is something that affects people differently.

-It cannot be recycled. When it comes time to replace the synthetic turf, it is usually just thrown away.

-Some HOAs have banned synthetic turf. When you are thinking about landscaping your yard, look at your HOA bylaws to see what limitations, if any, you are dealing with.

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