Rocking Out!

Most of the properties in Las Vegas, both residential and commercial, have desert landscaping. A large part of desert landscaping involves rock and gravel to fill in the areas that would typically be covered in grass in regions that get more annual rainfall. This post will discus three different rock and gravel options that you have when landscaping your property.

-Crushed Granite Gravel. Crushed granite gravel is larger and chunkier than what you might normally think of when you think of gravel. It is commonly used for ground cover and walkways.

River Rock. River rock is a larger, smooth, round or oval rock. It is commonly used in desert landscaping to create dry creek beds, giving some added depth to your landscape. It is available in different colors and sizes; you should have no problem finding just what you are looking for.

-Mexican Beach Pebbles. Mexican beach pebbles are smaller than river rock, but are also smooth and rounded. They are flatter than river rock, as well. Picture the rocks you would pick when skipping stones. Mexican beach pebbles are that shape, but larger. They are generally a dark grayish color, and are commonly used to accent the landscape.

These are just a few examples of the rocks and gravel that you can choose from when landscaping your yard. Contact Showcase Landcare today for help designing your dream landscape.

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