Gardening Pots

Gardening pots are a great way to add some design to your back yard.  It’s a great way to express your personality through unique planters.  Gardening pots can be places anywhere around the yard to add hints of color or to add a different variety of plants throughout the yard. So before you go running off to the store it’s good to know which type of gardening pot will be suitable for your back yard.  There are 3 different types of pots you can choose from you have clay, wood, and stone.


Clay gardening pots are great for a back yard or patio that has a lot of shade. With clay pots they shouldn’t get to hot because then they can start to dry out. If a clay pot starts to dry out then it’s going to start to dry out the soil that can cause the plants inside to die.  If you live in an area that is prone to frost in the winters you want to make sure to buy a pot that is front proof and not frost resistant.  These pots don’t allow much room for root growth so clay pots are ideal to smaller flowers. In your new clay pot plant some Daffodils, Tulip or even some Iris.  

Tip:  Keep clay pots in the shade to get best results.


With wood already being organic to the environment it’s great for any garden. Adding a
wood planter to your back yard will give it a beautiful natural look.  Wood planters are great for plants; they have the ideal space for roots to grow.  With the beautiful look of the wood these planters are eye popping and last for a long time. Although wood planters are not ideal for very moist and rainy weather. Just like any other type of wood, it can start to rot from too much water.   Lining the bottoms and the sides of these planters is important so there isn’t soil coming out of the sides. With so much space you are able to plant the main flowers that you want in the middle, and then on the sides plant seasonal flowers as the seasons change to keep it unique.

Tip: Rustic wood is ideal for plants that are woodland based.


If you are trying to go for a more moderns and antique look to your back yard consider getting some stone gardening pots.  With stone pots you can go with a number of different choices in sizes. With stone garden pots, they are more permanent than any other gardening pot. Because they are so heavy they tend to stay in one place. In some cases they have to be commented into the ground.  Some of these stone planters are big enough that they have ideal space for root growth.  You can plant any type of small bush or flowers into these. They have just enough space that if watered correctly, the plants and flowers will bloom in no time

Tip: Soften the stone look by adding daisy’s or sunflowers.

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