Feeling the Need to Change it Up?

Want to spruce up your landscaping? Here are some surefire ways to take your landscape to the next level:


-Regular upkeep. It is amazing what a little weeding and pruning can do for a yard. It is like giving your yard a facelift. So, before you resort to large changes, consider what a little maintenance will do.


-Use pavers to make a walking path. Walking paths (whether utilitarian or not) add a warm, personal feeling to your yard. Pick pavers that reflect your personality, but that also go with the feel of your current landscaping. Whether you choose something that matches your current patio and driveway, or choose artsy pavers, if it reflects you, if will be perfect.


-Add lighting. You can place smaller, solar-powered lights along a walkway, or add some accent lighting around the bases of your trees, or in among your plants.


-Seal the driveway. A lot of driveways (most, even) are tired looking. They are a faded gray, dull and sometimes even cracked. Get that driveway powerwashed and then sealed. There are a number of different finishes to choose from—all of which look amazing!


Make things easy on yourself and let Showcase Land Care—your Las Vegas landscaping specialists—do the heavy lifting. Call us today!

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