Ground Covers

Most yards in Las Vegas have either artificial turf or rock as the primary element of the yard. The greenery tends to be limited, and usually of a tree or two and some desert-hardy shrubs. Some people, however, are looking for some ground cover. There are some options for plants that are durable that will spread out a little and cover a larger area of the ground. While these plants will likely be planted in the dirt, with a layer of rock, they do provide the illusion of a lusher yard.

 Here are some of the local favorites:

Lantana. This comes in a variety of colors (most commonly purple, yellow and white), and is in bloom from the spring thru the fall (the majority of the year!). It spreads fast, and is a trailing grand cover. Very low maintenance.

Trailing Rosemary. This is a very durable plant, and is great in most landscapes. It has occasional blooms from the spring thru the fall.

Star Jasmine. This is a fragrant, flowering vine. It will spread as a ground cover, but it is usually seen on a trellis. It blooms in the spring.

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