Choose and Care for Your Winter Garden Plants

Winter is in full swing in the desert and Las Vegas has had it easy so far. The temperatures have been generally mild and there have even been a couple of decent rains. To make sure that your winter plants are doing well, here are a few winter gardening tips to last you through the rest of the season.

Best Choices

One major benefit to gardening in the desert is the extended growing season that’s available. That’s because the ground here never freezes completely like it does in colder climates. So, try planting things like garlic, kale, and parsnips to yield a plentiful harvest in the spring.

Tips for Care

Always keep some clear plastic or burlap, wooden stakes, and rope on hand. While the temperature in Las Vegas is relatively mild through most of the winter, a serious cold front can come out of no where and freeze your plants. So, monitor the weather reports and be prepared to protect your plants from the bite of the nighttime chill.

With those supplies, you can build little tents over the plants that are more likely to be damaged by the cold. Before you do, make sure the plants are thoroughly watered to keep the soil warm and moist. It seems counter productive, but dry soil retains cold better than wet soil. So, consistent watering not only gives your desert plants the hydration they need, it significantly increases the chances of a great spring harvest.

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