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The Benefits of Desert Gardening in the Winter

There are a number of perks to living in warmer climates. For one, you’re able to garden all year long (in theory). If you live in gardening zones 8 through 11, you have a very good chance to have a great springtime harvest.

Of course, the downside to a great winter gardening season is the concern that plagues desert gardeners in the summer. A couple of months of back to back triple digit temperatures will fry even the most resilient plants. It takes a particularly skilled gardener to yield fruitful results from the harsh heat.

That is why winter is so important to desert gardeners. It is during this time that you can yield the best results.

Basically, you can plant anything in a warm winter garden that the northern part of the country would have planted in the spring. Things like carrots, kale, spinach, lettuce, cabbage, peas, broccoli and garlic all do really well during this time. From October to April, you’ve got tons of flexibility as far as your gardening options are concerned.

Just remember to prepare for the occasional frosty evenings. Once the sun sets, temperatures in the desert dip dramatically. Sometimes, this can translate into the oddball layer of frost. You can call 702.531.6789 to learn about great ways to protect your plants from desert landscaping experts.

Choose and Care for Your Winter Garden Plants

Winter is in full swing in the desert and Las Vegas has had it easy so far. The temperatures have been generally mild and there have even been a couple of decent rains. To make sure that your winter plants are doing well, here are a few winter gardening tips to last you through the rest of the season.

Best Choices

One major benefit to gardening in the desert is the extended growing season that’s available. That’s because the ground here never freezes completely like it does in colder climates. So, try planting things like garlic, kale, and parsnips to yield a plentiful harvest in the spring.

Tips for Care

Always keep some clear plastic or burlap, wooden stakes, and rope on hand. While the temperature in Las Vegas is relatively mild through most of the winter, a serious cold front can come out of no where and freeze your plants. So, monitor the weather reports and be prepared to protect your plants from the bite of the nighttime chill.

With those supplies, you can build little tents over the plants that are more likely to be damaged by the cold. Before you do, make sure the plants are thoroughly watered to keep the soil warm and moist. It seems counter productive, but dry soil retains cold better than wet soil. So, consistent watering not only gives your desert plants the hydration they need, it significantly increases the chances of a great spring harvest.

If you have any questions about the other options you have for desert landscaping, contact Showcase Land & Care at 702.531.6789 today.

Cactus Landscape

Las Vegas is a desert so the summers are unbearable. This limits many plants you should put in your yard. You live in a desert, why not take full advantage of desert plants? Cactus landscape can be a great design. Not only will it grow perfect in the Las Vegas heat, but it is unique and certainly cool looking.

There are many different varieties of cacti you can use to enhance the appearance of your yard. The tall, majestic Giant Saguaro would be an interesting replacement to having a tree. They can grow up to 60 feet tall and can live for more than 150 years.

Cacti need very little care when they are planted outside. They do not need to be fertilized and the sun does not harm the plant at all. You also don’t need to go out of you way to water it. The few rainfalls Las Vegas has a year is enough to keep cacti alive.

The different varieties of cacti come in many different shapes and various shades of green. Some cacti even have flowers growing from it, so your yard can have a splash of color. Through the different types of cacti, you can create a landscape that features various species of cacti that resemble other plants. The Pancake Prickly Pear is a type of cactus that slightly resembles a bush. In replace of having actual bushes, the Pancake Prickly Pear is a trendy and unique alternative. The Maihuenia poepigii consists of leaves and flowers. Instead of having a regular garden with the typical flowers, get creative by having a cactus garden filled with this distinctive flowers.

For people that like to have gardens with edible fruits, cacti is actually a fruit. The Prickly Pear cactus is going to be the tastiest. The only difficulty it cutting each pad off the cactus as it is very prickly. Once you get each pad, you are going to have to snip off each little spines. The thicker the pad is the older it is. You are going to want to get the young, thin pads for the most succulent taste. Some like to cook it into their meals, others just eat it as is.

When you are deciding on how to landscape your yard, consider the climate that you live in. You want something easy to manage in this summer heat. A cactus landscape is extremely unique. You could start a new trend by designing your yard with various cacti. Showcase Land Care can provide the essential Las Vegas landscaping for your unique desert yard. The company has provided landscaping services for a variety of different designs. So even if you don’t want to go with a desert theme, Showcase Land Care can help you with whatever landscape you would like to have. For more information and a free estimate contact 702.531.6789.