Taking Care of Your Yard

Did you recently purchase a new home and the landscaping has not been completed? So you have this beautiful brand new home and dirt and rocks for the front and backyard? Why not contact Showcase land care that can help you with all of your Las Vegas landscaping needs.


Showcase Land Care has helped thousands of new homeowners with their landscaping needs. They can plant grass for you, but if you like the desert landscaping and are trying to preserve water then they can also assist you with that.


When you purchase a new home sometimes there may be in a Home Owner’s Association. Home Owner’s Associations have different requirements for homeowners to follow; these requirements sometimes include the front and back yard landscaping. The landscaping can sometimes may need to be installed within 6 months from the purchase of the home.


You just bought a home so money may be tight because you used all of your money for a down payment. Showcase Land Care has helped many homeowners with new home landscaping, why would thousands of homeowners use them if they were not affordable? Give Showcase Land Care a call today so they can assist you with all of your landscaping needs in the Las Vegas area.

Retaining Wall Woes

Do you have a retaining wall that could use a little, well, dressing up? Retaining walls, while sometimes necessary to hold dirt in place, can be a little drab. Fortunately, there are ways to improve the appearance of the retaining wall without having to redo it entirely.


Give it a facelift! Attach sheets of stone veneer to the wall. It will help to soften the appearance and give it a bit more character than a standard block wall. There is something appealing about stone, and it creates a natural look that won’t distract from the rest of your landscaping—a beautiful way to class it up a bit.


Plants! Create a plant bed in front of the retaining wall and use plants to create a fresh, green border to take attention away from the drab concrete. Be sure to select plants that will thrive in your climate.


Build up the area inside of/behind the retaining wall. Depending on the size of the area, you may be able to plant a tree, some shrubs and/or other greenery.


For helping making your plans a reality—or helping to develop those plans—call Showcase Land Care, your Las Vegas landscaping specialists, today!

Patio Furniture

One of the final touches to landscaping your yard is to add patio furniture. There are so many different styles and designs, however, that the decision can be overwhelming. Here are some tips to get you started.


Quality counts. You want something that will last more than one season. What you buy has to stand up to the sun, wind, rain and use. This is an example of something where the higher price usually is a good indicator of better quality. Buy within your means, but don’t skimp.


Comfort counts. Go to a place that has a variety of tables and chairs set up and try them out. Some chairs are so low to the ground that you almost don’t even want to sit down because of how much of a pain it is to get out of them. And some chairs are very unique looking, but when it comes right down to it, if you have a choice between it and a regular chair, you would choose the regular chair.


Umbrella? Yes, please. You will be kicking yourself for skipping it. You need something to help protect you from the sun and the wind.


Size matters. If you have a small patio, you don’t want a table that will seat 12 and has a huge umbrella. It will dwarf your space. If you have a large, spacious area, you don’t want to get a table that seats four. It will end up looking out of place, or like doll’s furniture. Get a size that matches your space.


For helping making your plans a reality—or helping to develop those plans—call Showcase Land Care, your Las Vegas landscaping specialists, today!

Desert Grasses

When you are aiming for a landscape that is desert-friendly, ornamental grasses can be one of your best friends. Desert grasses can add a little green to your otherwise red/brown/tan rockscape and it can have a softening effect to the landscape. Some popular desert grasses are:


Sideoates Grama. This grass gets to be about 2 feet tall. It does thrives in the full sun with low water, and it grows fast. It is a type of bunchgrass and has a blue-green color.


Pink Muhly. This grass gets to be about 3 feet tall. It thrives in the full or partial sun with low water. It is a type of mounding grass and has pink airy plumes.


Deer Grass. This grass gets to be about 4 feet tall. It thrives in the full or partial sun with low water. It is a type of mounding grass and is very versatile.


Mexican Thread Grass. This grass gets to be about 1.5 feet tall. It thrives in the partial sun with a moderate amount of water. It is a type of clumping grass.


Call Showcase Land Care—your Las Vegas landscaping specialists—for help sprucing up your rockscape!

Spice Up Your Rockscape!

As you drive through Las Vegas neighborhoods, you tend to see the same desert landscaping over and over again. Want to liven up your rockscape and set it apart a little? Here are some ideas to get you started:


-Use a variety of rock! Rocks should not be viewed as a simple substitute for grass—if you just take the grass out and put one type of rock in, you are going to end up with a boring, typical rockscape. Use different colors and types of rock to create some appealing lines and designs in your yard. Highlight a plant by creating a rock circle around it, drawing attention to it.


-Get creative! Have you ever seen the yards that look like they have a river or stream running through them, using boulders, river rock and other rock? You can get some added dimension to your yard with a little creativity. Think outside the box!


-Add a rock retaining wall. This works well in a large front yard, or in a backyard. Choose an area that is already a little built up, or that you would like to build up and go crazy!


Call Showcase Land Care—your Las Vegas landscaping specialists—for help sprucing up your rockscape!

Finish Your Patio with a BBQ

Your sweat, blood and tears (or ours, if you let your Las Vegas landscaping help) has just gone into creating your dream yard. The foliage is perfect and complements both your home and your personality well; the rockscape is well done with at least a couple of varieties of rock, to add depth; and the weeds are under control! Yay!


You laid a new patio (or spiffed up an existing one) and added some accent pieces and some nice patio furniture. You are ready to enjoy some meals outside. There is just one thing you need in order to really complete the project—a barbeque!


Here a brief overview of the four most common barbeques. The top are best for your new outdoor setup. The other two are useful to have around.


GAS GRILLS. Best for the grillmaster who wants to fire up the grill and go, forgetting the foreplay. The preparation and cleanup is the biggest pro here. But you lose the smoke flavor you can get from charcoal.


CHARCOAL GRILLS. Best for the purist looking for that smoky, grilled flavor. Charcoal burns at a higher temperature than gas, allowing the grillmaster to easily sear the meat. There is almost a romantic mood created when grilling with charcoal. It is all romance until cleanup. The beginning and the end of charcoal grilling is where you start to see the downside: the time involved in the prep and the clean up.


ELECTRIC GRILLS. Hello George Foreman. This type of grill is perfect for city swellers who are limited in their ability to get a gril. The electric grill, while producing a similar looking result, lacks the flavor a charcoal or gas grill can offer.


PORTABLE GRILLS. These are great choices when you want to rough it, but maybe not completely. Pack up a grill in case the plan to teach the kids how to cook on the fire falls apart. Or pack it up for that afternoon playing in the park.


Getting excited? We are, and it’s not even our barbeque. Let us know how we can help serve you, and stay tuned for our next post, introducing you to different types styles of barbeque. You will have the tools—it’s time to get a little messy and get some grub up there on that grill.

Small Spaces Can Be Beautiful

Here in Las Vegas, most homes are on fairly small plots. There aren’t very many sprawling yards like you see in magazines, movies or driving through the countryside. Landscaping choices should differ based on the size of your yard. There are things you can do to make it look larger and more aesthetically appealing.


-Choose smaller foliage. Whether you are a fan of shrubs, blooms or trees, think small. If you cover a lot of your yard’s surface area with a few larger plants, your yard will appear smaller and cramped. So choose smaller, more delicate looking blooms and shrubs—and keep those shrubs pruned!


-Think cozy. Small is not a negative thing. Take advantage of the smaller space to create an intimate environment. Choose low-slung seating and consider adding a pergola with climbing vines.


-Go geometric. Long, straight lines make the eye think that the space it is seeing is larger that it actually is. To maximize this effect, have the lines converge at a single point. For example, consider putting in hedges or other plants coming away from your home in a “V” shape, using the entrance as the point of the V.


For helping making your plans a reality—or helping to develop those plans—call Showcase Land Care, your Las Vegas landscaping specialists, today!

The Benefits of Ornamental Grass

When you live in the desert, your landscaping options are a little thinner than many people would like. Of course, if you get creative, you can build a landscape that has depth and character.

One great way to get creative with your yard is to incorporate ornamental grass. This guide will show you the types of ornamental grasses that work well for desert landscapers in Las Vegas.

What Is It?

Ornamental grass is a type of grass that’s, well, ornamental. Unlike short, green grass, ornamental grass is added to a garden or backyard to be pretty. The different types of ornamental grasses add color and dimension to gardens that need a dash of low maintenance pizazz.

The type of ornamental grass you choose depends on the specific needs of your garden. Consider the heights and colors of the following ornamental grasses to decide if any of them will be a welcome addition to your landscape.

Types of Ornamental Grass

Plume Grass – A clump of this type of grass grows to be as large as 11 feet high and four feet wide. The tall, thin shafts have white fluffy heads that make this the perfect focal point for a winter garden.

Maiden Grass – A clump of this type of grass grows to be about seven feet high and almost as wide. This grass is perfect for desert climates because it is resistant to drought. It also adds nice color with copper plumes.

Purple Fountain – This is a shorter ornamental grass that grows to be about five feet tall and spreads about 4 feet. It gets its name from the purple flowers that grow at the tips of the longest shafts.

Blue Fescue – This is an even shorter ornamental grass that only grows to be about a foot tall. It’s popular in desert landscaping because it tolerates droughts well and has a lively bluish-grey color.

Black Mondo – This is another good option if you are looking for a shorter ornamental grass. This grass grows to be about a foot high and spreads about just as wide. It’s deep black blades would do well if you used this grass as an outline of sorts. Just keep in mind that, in the desert, black mondo grows best with some shade. Too much sun will make the prominent color fade.

Once you know what kind of ornamental grass you’d like to add, you can decide if you are going to DIY or call in professional Las Vegas landscapers. If you call, you can trust Showcase Land and Care to get the job done right. For more information about the best landscaping company in Las Vegas, contact 702.531.6789.

Blow It Away!

Desert landscaping is meant to be simultaneously hardy and aesthetically pleasing. One of the most frustrating things about desert landscaping, however, is trying to clean up after plants that are dropping their leaves and blooms. In no time at all, your beautiful, clean rockscape has a layer of needles and dried out leaves over the top of it. It’s not something that you can just rake up—the leaves are too small—and it’s not something that will just go away. Over time, it will just build up more and more. So how do you clean up your rockscape? A leaf blower. That’s right, it’s as simple as blowing the leaves away!


Keep in mind, however, that the leaves have to go somewhere, and you do not want to be a nuisance to your neighbors. For the backyard, we recommend blowing the leaves onto your patio area, and then sweeping them up. For the front yard, you can either blow them onto your driveway, or into the street right in front of your house. Make sure to get out the broom and sweep them up right away though. Not only do you want to avoid making a mess, you never know when the wind is going to pick up and undo your hard work.


Don’t have a leaf blower? Don’t have the time? Give your Showcase Land Care—your Las Vegas landscaping specialists—a call! We look forward to serving you.

Feeling the Need to Change it Up?

Want to spruce up your landscaping? Here are some surefire ways to take your landscape to the next level:


-Regular upkeep. It is amazing what a little weeding and pruning can do for a yard. It is like giving your yard a facelift. So, before you resort to large changes, consider what a little maintenance will do.


-Use pavers to make a walking path. Walking paths (whether utilitarian or not) add a warm, personal feeling to your yard. Pick pavers that reflect your personality, but that also go with the feel of your current landscaping. Whether you choose something that matches your current patio and driveway, or choose artsy pavers, if it reflects you, if will be perfect.


-Add lighting. You can place smaller, solar-powered lights along a walkway, or add some accent lighting around the bases of your trees, or in among your plants.


-Seal the driveway. A lot of driveways (most, even) are tired looking. They are a faded gray, dull and sometimes even cracked. Get that driveway powerwashed and then sealed. There are a number of different finishes to choose from—all of which look amazing!


Make things easy on yourself and let Showcase Land Care—your Las Vegas landscaping specialists—do the heavy lifting. Call us today!