Gardening In the Desert: Gardening Edibles in Small Areas

Living in Las Vegas means that land for gardening may be tough to come by. However, that does not mean you can’t still grow a garden full of yummy edibles. Follow these suggestions from the landscaping company Las Vegas trusts and you will have a small garden bursting with green treats.

Be smart with your containers and garden dimensions

Be creative with the use of your gardening space. A plot that is 4×8 feet or two 4×4 feet plots will work perfectly. If you live in an apartment, use planter pots. Make sure your vegetables have plenty of room to grow by getting as large of pots that your balcony will allow. While the clay ones may be prettier, plastic pots are better at keeping the water where it needs to be.

Feed them well

As long as your plants get enough sun and nutrients in the soil, they will thrive, even in pots. Plants need at least 6 hours of sun a day.

For plants in pots, buy organic, nutrient-rich soil. If you have a yard and you are building plots, double-dig the beds. This is so the roots of your plants will have plenty of room to grow. It also helps if you raise the beds a little. Raised beds allow you the room to add mulch and is great for draining.

Small gardens tend to use up the available nutrients a lot faster so make sure you remember to recharge the soil in your plots or post after every season.

Plant for the season.

Las Vegas has extreme temperatures that can be tough for a lot of plants to survive in. Don’t forget to consider the time of year when you are planning your garden.

Cool season plants include lettuce, spinach, garlic, onions, artichokes, asparagus, garbanzo beans and bok choy. Plant any of these in the fall for the best results.

Warm season plants are tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, peppers, melons and most beans. Plant these in the spring for the best results.

Since Las Vegas gets most of its rain during the summer monsoons, that technically counts as a separate season. So in June, you can think about planting warm season plants that require more water like watermelon.

A word of caution

Tomatoes are a favorite for many Vegas gardeners because they are low maintenance and can handle the desert temperatures. Just be sure to get the right type of tomatoes for optimal success. These include the cherry tomatoes, pear, grape and Roma tomatoes.

If you have a yard to work with, small fruit trees can be fun. Pomegranate trees have beautiful flowers and multiple health benefits to the fruit. Fruit trees just require a lot of pruning and maintenance so keep that in mind.

Remember, you can always call one of the landscape companies Las Vegas gardeners rely on to make your gardening dreams a reality. Showcase Land Care are experts with years of experience and affordable pricing. For more information about this landscaping company Las Vegas trusts, contact 702.531.6789.

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