Climbing Plants & Vines for Las Vegas Landscape

Living in the hot city of Las Vegas severely limits your ability to garden, however, it doesn’t eliminate it entirely. There are plenty of gorgeous vines and other climbing plants that actually flourish in hot, dry climates.

Pink Trumpet

This plant originated in South Africa, so you can be sure it enjoys the desert heat. The vine grows slowly at first and needs to be immediately tied to a trellis. After a few years, the growth will speed up rapidly. Maintaining this vine is fairly simple, as it just needs to be watered every so often.

Trumpet Creeper

This plant comes from the eastern US, so it’s fairly easy to find. The vine is self-attaching and contains vibrant yellow and orange flowers. In a single year, the vine can grow as much as 40 feet. Because of how quickly it grows, it needs to be planted in a large container right beside a trellis. It can withstand both the heat and cold, but needs more water to maintain its growth during the summer.

Hall’s Honeysuckle

This is yet another plant with flowers shaped like trumpets that grows extremely fast. It flourishes most during the summer and produces a heavenly fragrance. During the winter, the vines should be cut down.


This plant will only grow in a hot climate if it is maintained properly. It should be planted by a trellis in a sheltered corner. Make sure the roots are kept cool, especially when temperatures exceed 100 degrees. Placing a large, flat rock or tile over the roots can prevent the soil from heating up.

Plant Cat’s Claw

In a short amount of time, this vine can reach well over a three story building. It self-attaches, even to hot walls during the summer. The vines will start blooming yellow flowers during the spring. This plant tolerates drought extremely well, but it can be difficult to maintain.

Cape Honeysuckle

Of all these vines listed, this one is the best climbing plant to use on pergolas and arbors, especially in hot weather. It needs very little water to maintain its beauty throughout the entire summer. In a single season, it will grow as much as 25 feet. This plant can also be grown as a shrub.


Lilac, white, blue and lavender-pink flowers will begin popping up in early summer. It only needs moderate water and can flourish in alkaline soil. The plant doesn’t require much fertilizer, but does need to be pruned often.


There are several varieties of grapes that enjoy the hot climate, including Thompson Seedless, Golden Muscat and the Alden. This can be a little harder to maintain during the summer because the soil needs to be kept constantly moist. During the summer, not as many grapes will be produced, but the plant will still add beauty to your Las Vegas landscape.

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