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Desert Composting Is Easier Than You Think

Creating your own desert compost is the best and cheapest way to fertilizer your hot weather plants. Check out these tips to making your own desert compost.

Where to put it

Before you began making the concoction, you need to find the right place to put it. You could do something simple like leaving it in a freestanding pile. You can also use specialized bins made specifically for containing compost. If you do buy bins from the store, drill holes in the bottom to increase air circulation. If you create a freestanding pile, naturally keep it away from your house.

It’s best to keep it out of the sun, but it’s not completely necessary. If you do leave it out in the sun, the pile runs the risk of drying out, which simply means you would have to water it more often.

What to use

You should have a 50-50 balance of yard waste and household waste. If done correctly, you will create a perfect blend of nitrogen and carbon to further promote bacterial breakdown.

Trimmings from palm trees provide a lot of fiber. However, for tree trimmings to properly decompose, they have to be chopped up. Leaves and grass are full of nitrogen when they’re healthy and green, but they are full of carbon when dead and brown.

Try to avoid using plants with thorns, like cactus or roses, because it takes long to decompose and you could hurt yourself.

Keep a separate can in your kitchen to collect items that can be used in desert compost. Vegetable and fruit peels, citrus rinds, coffee grounds, tea bags, bread crumbs and any non-dairy products work well in a compost pile. You can even use leftover water from pasta or coffee.

What not to use

Meat and dairy products will cause the pile to stink exceptionally bad. It’s a different type of bacteria than the other products so it will decompose at a different rate.

Desert soil contains alkaline, so you should avoid using fireplace waste or grill ashes.

Creating the compost

When you are initially combining everything, alter between kitchen and yard waste. Top the pile off with grass clippings to prevent flies from being attracted to it. Keep the pile moistened but not soaking wet.

After it has been sitting outside for a few days, check if the bottom is still moist. Move the pile with a pitchfork to get rid of cockroaches and mice.

If nothing is happening after a while, the pile needs more nitrogen-rich products. If you don’t have any left in your kitchen, buy nitrogen supplements from the store. If the pile smells exceptionally bad, you need to add more carbon-rich waste.

After a few months the pile should resemble black soil. You know when it is done if you can’t recognize any of the waste that was initially put in. Sprinkle the compost around your garden, lawn and potted plants. Soon, they will all be prospering.

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