You aren’t always in control

Landscaping requires a lot of hard work and planning. Even so you aren’t always in control of what happens. Sprinklers break, water pipes freeze and plants just die. This is a part of the landscaping lifestyle and if you want a perfect yard with no work then you should probably fill it with gravel. Although that will still get weeds eventually.

The trick to successful landscaping is to get your yard where you want it to be and then maintain it continuously. A little weeding here and there on the weekends with some mulching and pruning can go a long way. It will also save you a lot of time later when everything is overgrown.

Those pesky life events that you can’t control should be taken for what they are. Eventually you will have plants die but instead of neglecting them now or ripping them up just replant or change them out and be happy for the times you have with your great landscape.

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