Why Choose Pavers over Concrete

If you’re considering replacing or adding a new walkway, patio or driveway to your property, you may feel flustered over the countless of choices available to you, all claiming to be the top choice. While some of these materials are more cost-effective when compared to others, and some of the options are more durable than others and are easier and more economical to maintain.

As a responsible homeowner you do your best to make sure that your walkways, driveway, or patio is able to stand up to the weather while requiring little maintenance and look awesome at the same time.  Furthermore, it is important that these are cost-effective. The two top choices usually come down to pavers and concrete, and while both of these options are good options one has to come out the winner, and in our opinion that would be pavers.

Let us tell you why:

Pavers is both very aesthetically pleasing and extremely solid. Of course you would want to choose the most beautiful hard surface, which is why pavers is rapidly increasing in popularity. The unparalleled beauty, effortless upkeep, and long-term financial benefits of correctly installed pavers are becoming more and more evident to homeowners. This point is especially true for homeowners who have to cope with the stress of extreme temperature and weather changes which can have a severe effect on certain materials such as concrete.

Whereas adding new concrete next to old concrete looks pretty terrible, you can use pavers to make beautiful additions to existing concrete.

Furthermore, pavers don’t crack the way that concrete does. Concrete is greatly affected by the natural and inevitable movement of the earth making it prone to splitting and cracking. Changes in temperature, especially freezing and thawing, can also cause concrete to expand and contract which also results in unwanted cracking.

People often think that concrete is the most permanent of options, which really isn’t the case. Pavers, in actuality is just a permanent as concrete, and in many cases even more permanent due to its durability and ability to not crack to the same extent as concrete.  

Finally, if you ever damage or stain a paver area, it can easily and inexpensively be replaced. However if concrete becomes damaged it must be completely removed, and you will need to have new concrete poured. This is both had work and needlessly expensive. This can be especially pricey if more than one area need to be replaced, and while you are able to correct minor problems by patching cracks in the concrete, this often results in mismatched coloring which can be pretty noticeable and can even be quite hideous in large areas such as patios or driveways. Unlike concrete, pavers comprise of separate interlocking stones, which means that each piece can be replaced as needed. If one paver becomes damaged you are able to remove only that piece and replace it with a new piece making it significantly less expensive and far easier than concrete.

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