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Ideas for Spring Blooms

Spring is just around the corner and with it comes warmer weather and breezy days, perfect for planting new flowers and greenery to beautify your landscaping. Once spring cleaning is complete, it is time to purchase annuals to tuck into spaces that need a little pop of color.

Marigolds are an annual often able to withstand those last few cold snaps that come with early spring, but should wait a little longer if there is a possibility of overnight frosts. They do need a some sunlight and will do just as well even in afternoon or morning sun only.

Bachelor’s Buttons or Cornflowers are not often found at the nursery, but grow easily from seed and reseed freely. If started in spring, they perk up again in Fall.

Calendula look like a fall flower, with rich golden and rust colors, but they are equally beautiful in the early Spring landscape. They might even withstand light frost, if they are established. Many calendula will self-seed.

Diascia are relatively new in gardens but have become popular quickly in landscaping. iny, profuse trailing blossoms are perfect for container and are generally grown from cuttings.

Where summers are too extreme to grow Delphiniums, larkspur make an acceptable substitute. Start larkspur off in spring and keep it deadheaded throughout summer, a little extra food should revive it for a fall show.

Lobelia give out during summer, but given cool Spring temperatures, it blooms with profusion Once the flowers diminish, cut back a half and allow to regrow.

Landscapers think of petunias as a bedding mainstay. They do best blooming in cool temperatures and there are so many to choose from.

Snapdragons offer color and some height, depending on variety. Trailing snapdragons work beautifully for container accents.

You may still have pansies from last spring, languishing in garden beds. Look around and see if they are perking up for fall. Violas and pansies will bloom for weeks. Deadheading will keep them setting new buds. Look for some of the newer varieties that can handle a slight freeze.