Stay Away From These Landscaping Mistakes

In our world today, we are surrounded by DIY this and DIY that. This is great because many of us get opportunities to learn new things while saving money. The bad part about this is we forgo quality and expertise for that experience. Landscaping is a great example of this. People want to take care of their landscaping themselves, without calling professionals. But their lack of expertise can cause problems now or in the future.

Professional landscapers know all the ups and downs of the business. They understand which plants will compliment others. They understand composition. You might think you have a great eye, but you might not be an expert landscaper.

Because of this, a lot of common mistakes happen over and over across the country! Below are some common landscaping mistakes. If you understand these errors, you can avoid doing the same!

Using a Grid

A lot of DIY landscapers come at their projects like their yard is a grid. This is a mistake, because the world isn’t square or flat, as much as people of old would like us to think. It’s curved. It sways and moves. Professional landscapers understand this concept and they try to work with “imperfections” and the natural lines of nature to make it look as good as possible. Amateurs may spend too much time making sure everything is straight and square. When this environment is put into play, it tends to feel uninviting and severe.

Forgetting about the front yard

Most of us don’t prefer to have our lives on display, and tend to spend the majority of our time in the backyard instead of the front. Because of this, this also means there are usually larger areas to work with behind the house. Amateurs focus on the backyard and don’t include the front at all. There’s not necessarily any harm in that, but having a nice front yard will improve the attractiveness and the value of your home. Include landscaping in your front yard, too!

Forgetting about the Future

Think of this: you plant shrubs under your bay window. They look great right now, and they will next year too. But after that you better plan to trim them weekly! If you’re not careful, those shrubs will grow ten feet high if not kept under supervision.

This is just one example of a problem with amateurs. They aren’t thinking about what can cause problems. Understanding your plants, how they look now and how they’ll look later, is so important to having a good landscape design. It’ll also save you tons of work in the end!

It’s possible to do your own landscaping, and if you work hard enough you may be able to produce some professional results. However, it may be to your advantage to hire a professional, so you don’t have to worry about the problems down the road! If that’s just not for you, though, then make sure to avoid this common mistakes, and your yard will end up looking great!

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