Seasonal Tips for the Desert Garden

Gardening in Las Vegas is hard enough. Here are some tips to make growing things a little easier in each season.


To make sure your garden doesn’t look dead in the winter, this is the time you want to plant things like petunias, pansies and even cabbages. That way you’ll have lovely purples and greens in your garden through the winter. Fall is also a good time to plant things that need time to build strong root systems for the warmer months.

Since Las Vegas gets most of its rain during the warmer months, you’ll want to begin planting things that don’t need much water during the colder months. These include agaves, cacti, beets, carrots, cabbage, mint, rosemary, sage and thyme.


It’s easy to let a garden go unattended in the colder months. This isn’t a good idea. Watch for winter weeds and pull them right away to protect your vegetables. Winter plants can be a little more fragile so don’t let them get overrun by invaders. Weeds are also where dangerous bugs go to keep warm. Keep the bugs away by keeping the weeds managed.

Winter is also a good time to prune your trees in preparation for the spring. If you aren’t sure how to do this without damaging your plants, hire a professional landscaping company Las Vegas approves of. You can use the trimmings to begin composting during this season as well.


Bring your garden back to life with bright colors. Annuals or perennials are great for this. Just make sure to recharge your soil with fertilizer and compost for the best results through the year.

To make it through the summer, plants need deep roots. Encourage deep rooting by watering your plants heavily but not too often. Finish all fertilizing on your newly planted tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers during this time.


Now it’s time to plant pumpkins, squash and watermelons. This is also the time to pull your winter veggies like carrots and beets before they start seeding.

Tidy up your garden by pruning your year-round plants. Add mulch to them to help keep the roots cool.

If even this turns out to be too much trouble, just call one of the landscape companies in Las Vegas that always gets the job done right. Showcase Land and Care are experts with years of experience and affordable pricing. For more information about landscape companies in Las Vegas contact 702.531.6789.

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