Low Maintenance Landscaping

If you’re like most in the world today, you probably don’t have  a lot of time to spend on maintaining the landscaping in your yard. Or, even if you do have time, you’d rather spend it enjoying your yard, rather than spending all your time taking care of it. While working hard in your yard is likely to make you more proud of it and able to enjoy your hard work, there are many options available to make it as low stress as possible for you as the caretaker.

You may wonder: does this mean I can’t have a beautiful yard? The answer is – of course not! You can still long for that beautifully landscaped and manicured yard, you just have to take a different approach. There are things that can be done to keep your landscaped yard up to the desired look you have envisioned, without much hard work involved.

Shrubs are your friends

Flowering or coniferous shrubs give you the desired look and beauty you long for in your yard. The wonderful part about these, is that you don’t even have to water them all the time! Another great thing is that they emit a very pleasant aroma. These types of shrubs have countless colors to choose from, and will continue to look great for years to come. One maintenance requirement is that of regular pruning and fertilization, but that can typically be done once or twice a year, which frees up your time for other things.

Love flowers? You can have those, too

If you love flowers but don’t want to spend your entire summer pulling weeds from the beds, consider the following options:

  • Plant ground cover plants that cut down on weed development
  • Use wood chips, barks, or colored stones to also cut down on weed development
  • Use tall grasses – their roots prevent weeds from coming in

If you want a lot of flowers in your yard, you may want to consider perennials. These types of flowers come back every year, and you don’t have to replant them! This also saves you time from having to go out and shop for new flowers each year, and you can find something you love and know looks good. This time may be replaced with preparing the soil for your flowers to grow, but it will be time well spent to get that beautiful look you’re going for.

Having a low-maintenance yard is not hard. And the great thing is, you can have this type of yard and still have it be beautiful, too. If you desire that well-manicured, beautiful look, you can accomplish this with these simple steps. If you follow them each year, you will find yourself completely in love with your yard, proud of your hard work, and more able to enjoy the time you get to spend in it – because you won’t constantly be taking care of it! Contact our landscapers in Las Vegas for more tips.

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