Las Vegas landscape: trees

Trees can be a beautiful addition to your Las Vegas landscape. They can provide shade for children playing outside during the summer. They also add an aesthetic beauty that other plant life won’t. There are a few things to consider when choosing the type of trees to add to your desert landscape.

You need to keep in mind the size of the tree. When you first plant it, the tree will likely be very small and cute. You need to consider the size it has the potential to grow. A small Aleppo pine tree can look nice in your yard at first. In a few years when it grows to its full 60 feet, it isn’t going to be safe next to your house. This is especially true for power lines. Power companies are legally required to keep their lines at least 10 feet above any trees. If they interfere, it could be a fire hazard. As a resident, you need to look out for power lines when you are planting a tree. The size of the tree could also throw off the aesthetics of your Las Vegas landscape. If you have a very small yard and a huge 40-foot tree taking over the entire yard, it isn’t going to look too flattering. It needs to be proportional in order for it to be aesthetically pleasing.

Your trees also need to be properly trimmed. Not only will trimming your trees keep them looking good, but it can also prevent them from growing to hazardous heights. It is imperative that the trimming is done correctly by professionals. Quality Las Vegas landscapers will trim the trees branches back to a fork. There needs to be a reason why each cut is being made. Typically for desert trees, it is to allow room for people to walk or drive under them. Landscapers with a lot of experience will know not to trim more than 25 percent off the tree. If any more is taken off, the tree won’t look as good.

Watering needs to be done properly. This is especially true for Las Vegas landscape. The desert is very hot, and it hardly ever rains. Even in cooler seasons, you need to remember to water your trees. The water needs to reach about 18 inches under the surface of the soil. This will ensure that the tree is getting enough water to drink. The frequency of the watering is determined by the type of tree and soil. A good indicator that the tree needs to be watered is when the leaves die and fall off. You need to cover the majority of the roots when you water the tree. For the most effective way to water, pour it away from the trunk of the tree.

The Las Vegas landscapers at Showcase Land Care are well-trained. They can help you pick out the best type of trees that will look best in your yard. They can design your ideal landscape at an affordable price. For more information, contact 702.531.6789.

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