Las Vegas landscape: $3.85 million home

Every year since 1984, the National Association of Home Builders’ International Builders’ Show showcases a new home with the latest technology. This year the winning residency was in Las Vegas at 2256 Sunrise Ridge Court.

The home impressed judges because of its uber energy-saving technology. The house was designed and built by Colorado-based architects Jeffrey and Barry Berkus. The interior design was done by Florida-based Tiffany Bowman.

The innovative home is located within Henderson’s Sky Terrace gated community. The house was listed in April for $3.85 million. The house has 16.2 kilowatts of solar panels that generate 85 percent of daily electricity. The New American Home was built for more than just energy-saving purposes. The house is designed with high-tech computer programming, custom interior designs and elegant materials.

The home has five bedrooms, seven baths, two powder rooms, an office nook, three car garage, covered patios, kitchen, dining room, elevator, and fireplace. The house in total is 6,715 square feet. Visitors are greeted at the entrance of the house with a small pond with white stepping stones. The central walkway is two stories high with ceiling skylights. There is even a 30-foot waterfall.

As if this doesn’t already sound like the perfect home, the Las Vegas landscape gets even better. Sliding glass walls encompass the perimeter to allow flexibility of indoor and outdoor living spaces. There are pull-down shades in the patio area.

The outdoor landscape focused primarily on desert plant life to avoid any excess watering. An intelligent irrigation system is used to schedule the watering. This prevents any over-watering and ensures that the plants are getting sufficient water. It calibrates to the weather. If it is raining the system knows not to water that day. If it is excessively hot out, the system becomes aware that the plants need to be watered.

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