The Importance of a Great Lawn

You may think that your lawn is something that will go unnoticed by neighbors, friends, or even you. However, you are mistaken. This is something that all of your friends and neighbors will notice, and actually, they’ll probably notice it first. That is why our landscapers in Las Vegas have all the tips for you to help you keep your lawn clean cut and beautiful. Read on to find out more.

Cut it every week.

This might seem like an obvious thing, but you may not realize how important it is. You might get to the weekend and think that your lawn looks great and needs no help, but this is not the case. If you don’t cut it that Saturday, by the next it will look overgrown and awful. This is why you should cut it every week so that you can keep your lawn looking great.


Some people think that this is not necessary, but your lawn is not invincible. In fact, it is imperative that fertilizing happen so that your lawn looks great for a longer period of time. Your lawn does need a lot more nourishment than just sunlight and water. Though this brings us to our next point:


Your lawn needs water every day. Your lawn can get a lot of brown or yellow spots if you do not water your lawn periodically. It is important that you do this. However, your lawn can also get drowned out if you are not careful with this as well. If you water your lawn for too long, you will drown out the roots and possibly kill the grass. In order to combat this, be sure to not water your lawn for more than 30 minutes at a time. This will prevent it from getting too drowned out.


You may have seen a lawn or two with little cylinders of dirt sitting atop it. This is called aerating, and helps your lawn get more air into deeper places that cannot be reached with normal air. If you are careful and have this done every year, typically toward the end of the year when you will then have snow or other things sitting atop it while the weather turns colder, your lawn will be much better and healthier.

Do you have any questions about how best to do this? Contact our offices for more information. We can help you understand what you need to do in order to fix any problems you might have and to give your lawn the boost it needs. Your lawn will look great and stay looking great as long as you do this in the best way possible. You will love the results you find when you do this as often as you can. Are you concerned about your lawn? Worry no more with our comprehensive care and we will get you on your way to having a great lawn that you can love.

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