Weedkillers or herbicides are a pesticide used to kill unwanted plants, but they can be harmful to the wanted plants in landscape as well.

Selective herbicides are used in order to kill specific target plants. These should leave the desired grasses and plants relatively unharmed, but should be monitored. Pre emergent herbicides interfere with growth of weeds. As mentioned in a previous post. These are often synthetic mimics of natural plant hormones that are disruptive to seed.

More evasive herbicides are used to clear waste ground, industrial sites and/ or railways and railway embankments. These are not selective! These herbicides kill all plant material with which they come into contact. Small quantities may be used in forestry, pasture systems, and management of areas set aside as wildlife.

There are some plants that produce natural herbicides. Adding these to landscape is a less invasive way to keep landscaping clear of weed growth.

Herbicides are widely used landscape management.


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