Herb Growing 101

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to grow and maintain a thriving garden out here in the desert. For those of you who don’t quite have a green thumb but would still like to have a garden, an herb garden is a good compromise.

An herb garden will consist of plants that can’t be called a tree, a vine or a shrub. That leaves you with plants that tend to have a nice smell and are great to cook with. Some herbs even have healing, medicinal properties so having them on hand has an added benefit. To help you get started, here’s a quick list of the herbs that will do well in the desert heat and aren’t difficult to maintain either.


If planted outside, this plant can grow to be pretty large. If kept indoors, it will thrive up to the size of the pot you put it in. Just remember to protect them in the cold because it can easily freeze since their “leaves” are filled with so much liquid. That liquid is good for sunburns and rashes live hives.


This herb is easy to grow but tricky to start. Begin the seed outside. It will not survive if you try to seed it indoors first. Plant the seeds about a foot apart. Just don’t plant them deep. They will do better being planted with a very thin layer of soil over the top of the seed. This is also a large plant that can grow to be about five feet tall. If you need help, just call one of the landscape companies in Las Vegas that can be trusted with more delicate plants.


This is a great herb to have on hand. It is said to have numerous healing properties, it makes great tea, and cooks well also. It is probably a good idea to keep this in a pot by itself. Mint herbs can be aggressive and overrun your garden.


Even though most people think it is a vegetable, it’s not. It’s a culinary herb that is said to be good for treating tuberculosis and keeping vampires at bay. Plant individual cloves pointed up about four inches apart and just as far into the ground. Plant in the fall and you will have a great harvest in the spring with dark green leaves.


This is a very common herb in Las Vegas. If you have a newer home, you probably have a rosemary bush or two already in your front yard from a landscaping company Las Vegas often calls. It is said to help with memory and baldness. Just remember that this herb can grow to be as big as six feet tall. Plan for the expansion by planting it in an appropriate place.

If even this turns out to be too much trouble, just call one of the landscape companies in Las Vegas that always gets the job done right. Showcase Land Care are experts with years of experience and affordable pricing. For more information about landscape companies in Las Vegas contact 702.531.6789.

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