Grass Conversion


Part of having a home is making sure that the landscape is maintained. In some areas of town, it is required that your yard is maintained, and if it is not then you can be facing a fine.



Keeping a yard maintained and looking good can be fairly pricy. If you have grass in your yard, then you either have to pay to have someone come out and mow the lawn and trim bushes, or you have to do it yourself. You also have to pay to water the grass so that it stays green and healthy. This can become very pricy, and turn into a lot of work.


Grass Conversion

A grass conversion is the same as a desert conversion. By undergoing this kind of conversion, you are changing the current landscape of your yard to a desert landscape. A great thing about this is that the Southern Nevada Water Authority offers a $1.50 per sq. ft. rebate for making the conversion. It will also reduce most water bills by 50% or more. The conversion will most likely pay for itself within 5-6 years.


A desert landscape is more consistent with the desert environment that we currently have. By converting your lawn into a desert landscape you will be saving precious natural resources, and when the conversion is done correctly, your lawn can look more attractive than it did with grass.


Make the Change

When you are making a landscaping change, it is important that you are working with someone you can trust. Here at Showcase Landcare Services we are Las Vegas landscapers who strive to make the customer happy, and the majority of our work is obtained through referrals.


Call us today at 702-531-6789 for an estimate on giving your yard the grass conversion.

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