Finishing Touches: Pavers

You have the rock, you have the trees, you have the smaller plants that you want in your landscape. But as you look out across your yard, you still feel like something is missing. It is often the small things that really finish your landscape. The smaller things like pavers. Pavers can be used in many different ways, and this blog post will highlight a few of those.

Pavers can be used to define a space. Whether it is to encircle a seating area, to create a path, or to outline a tree or lamp post, the pavers can add a finished look to your yard.

Pavers can be used as accent pieces. Whether it is an artistic stepping stone (perhaps a mosaic) or a stepping stone created to preserve a memory (such as a child’s handprint), a nicely place paver can add a personal touch to your yard.

Pavers can be used to create a path of travel. Whether a path to your front door, around the side of your house, or through your backyard, a nice set of pavers can create a well-defined path. An added benefit of this is that the rest of the yard is protected from high traffic, which can disrupt the surrounding rocks.

If you feel that your yard is missing something, consider pavers, and contact Showcase Landcare today.

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