Desert Conversion

In times of drought, water is becoming scarce. That means that the price of water goes a lot higher, while the amount of water is there. In order to save some money on the water bill, many people are changing their grass yards to rock and desert landscaping.


Some people when they hear desert landscaping, they automatically think negatively about it. There are a lot of misconceptions about desert landscaping. Many people that when you are going to go desert you are going to be simply pouring a lot of sand over your yard, and that you are going to have dry and boring colors in your yard. But, desert landscaping is actually becoming more and more popular. The desert is not an ugly place. Instead, people are able to use different kinds of rock that have some different colors in it. When paired with different sized rocks, walkways, and some trees, your yard can become a work of art that is going to save you both money and water.


Showcase Land Care Services specializes in sod removal and desert conversion. When you go with them, you know that you are getting the best. The professionals at Showcase Land Care Services can help you to identify the parts of your lawn which are good candidates for desert conversion. They will also be able to help you design a beautiful landscape, while being in strict compliance with the SNWA’s guidelines. Showcase Land Care Services is actually one of the SNWA’s approved Water Smart Contractors.


With the best credentials and experience, Showcase Land Care Services, can provide amazing landscaping in Las Vegas. You will be able to benefit in both having a beautiful yard and saving money. When it comes time to re-do your yard, call Showcase Land Care Services today so that you can get started.

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