Creating a Successful Hardscape, Part 2

Having a great hardscape in your yard is the best way to spruce up your landscaping without adding more landscaping. It is a great way to add some variety to your yard that you will love. Read on to find out more tips about how best to incorporate this type of additions to your yard.

Choose proper materials

Hardscapes can be formal or relaxed, but the best ones show a specific style. Think of a two or three word phrase that describes your vision and stick with it. For example, an intimate courtyard or a Grecian garden are very good descriptions for styles of gardens you may want in your backyard.

After you have chosen the style you wish to have, choose a few materials that complement your home’s interior and exterior. You shouldn’t choose a hardscape with just one color or material.

The idea is to find two or three materials that are visually creative and coordinate, not just with each other but with the interior and exterior of the house. Textual variety is also important to create a beautiful picture. It’s great to have two textures going, like flagstone on the ground, and landscape blocks for walls. If you choose more than two textures, it tends to look messy. If a wood deck is part of the picture, try to stick with a single type of stone or brick for your hardscape.

Call in experts

A professional landscaper in Las Vegas will know exactly what you need to create the most beautiful possible landscape for your yard. If you have any questions or concerns, there is no problem with contacting a professional to help you. In fact, it may make your job a lot easier. If you call a professional in, they will know just what to do to make your landscape and hardscape the best they can be.

Buy more than you need

Whether you’re working with stone or something else, buy a little more than you think you need for the project. Later on, you can use the extra materials to accent pretty beds with temporary edging, or add stepping stones or landings. If you buy just a little extra, you’ll also have some that will go exactly with the rest of your hardscaping.

Prepare the site

The most common mistake is putting in a hardscape element without preparing the site appropriately, which is a sure formula for failure. If you don’t put the correct amount of base material down, or compact it well enough, you risk having a wall sink or settle or a patio settle and leave in frost.

These things will all help you have the greatest hardscape you’ve ever seen. If you do these things and follow these tips, you will love the results. Your yard will be a place you love to relax and not only will it have great nature elements, but you’ll love it for it’s hardscape as well.

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