Create Privacy in Your Yard With Landscaping

With spring right around the corner, we imagine that you’re preparing yourself to spend quite a bit of time outside. When temperatures are resting around a comfortable 75 degrees, it makes sense that you want to soak up the rays!

However, in Las Vegas, spending time in your backyard usually means spending time with your very-close-next-door-neighbors. Combine two-story homes with lots that are so close you can comfortably reach from one living room window to another and you’ve got virtually no privacy in your own yard.

Thankfully, you have three options to add privacy to your back yard with a few simple landscaping tricks.

Privacy Landscaping Tips

Option 1 | Softscaping

You can use tall trees and shrubs to create a privacy wall around your yard. Contact a landscaping professional for help deciding which options will best suit your needs.

Option 2 | Covered Decks & Patios

You can cover your deck or patio with a trellis or lattice to give yourself a little more privacy while you enjoy the warm weather. Adding a feature like ivy can help cool the area under the coverings when the temperatures continue to climb in the summer.

Option 3 | Decorative Walls

You can close off your patio area from prying eyes with the addition of a solid wall made of brick or stone. Of course, this option is best if you have lots of backyard space that won’t be dwarfed by the inclusion of a wall.

You can get help planning your private backyard oasis by contacting the landscaping professionals at Showcase Land & Care. Call 702.531.6789 to get started today!

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