Compost is more than a pile of you know what

Compost is an important weapon in your lawn care toolbox.  It’s more than a steaming pile of s*it.

What Compost Is:

Basically compost is anything that used to be alive.  Fallen leaves, twigs, branches, coffee grinds, dead plants, banana peels, insects, rotten food, and manure will all combine into a black goop that is nutrient rich and very beneficial to your soil.

Why Compost is Beneficial:

Compost is very rich in the basic plant nutrients, like nitrogen and phosphorus.  Good soil is also alive, with all the bacteria and fungi that will foster good plant growth.   This will also attract all the microorganisms that further fuel your garden soil to reach its full potential.

How to Use Compost:

Compost should be mixed or ’tilled’ in everytime you intend to plant something new.  A good layer will increase water absorption and retention.  Compost will need to be maintained every so often to ensure the effects persist throughout the year.  Compost is also a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.  When you add something to the compost pile instead of the garbage, that’s a few less pounds that have to make their way to the dump.  Compost can also be purchased in bulk, but that’s a lot less fun!

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